The Future Of Wheatgrass Juicing

A glass of fresh wheatgrass juice Wheatgrass juice is one of the greatest natural antioxidants ever discovered. The benefits of wheatgrass juice consumption include better blood flow and reduced risk for some cancers, and many more positive health effects. One of the best ways to enjoy fresh wheatgrass is to press it daily from a juicer. The wheatgrass juicer has constantly been evolving since its mainstream use in juice bars and homes in the past decade. Not only is the wheatgrass juicer benefiting from future technology, but the wheat grass plant itself is being used and processed with more advanced sciences to meet the growing demands of devotees.

The early days of wheatgrass juicing…

In the past, wheatgrass was crop discovered by Charles F. Schnabel to have excellent health restorative properties on some of the animals in his farm. This prompted him to try and make tablets for human consumption which used dried wheatgrass. Because the pants took 200 days to mature and due to the lack of environmental control, the wheatgrass was thought to be a slow yielding crop. This is the primary reason why fresh wheatgrass was hard to come by then and they had to resort to dried wheatgrass pills and tablets.

Nowadays, with the help of technology and research, we can enjoy our very own fresh wheatgrass juice straight from the homegrown plant in just about a week. The wheatgrass strain that is popular today can be very hardy and would not get infected with parasites easily. Because of the ease and fun and also the nutritional and economic benefits of growing wheatgrass, more and more people are inclined to try out this dream plant. Fresh wheatgrass juice can be made easily by anyone. Growing your own wheat grass plants can be very easy and will need minimal supervision aside from the primary care in planting. If you have no plots or do not have a yard, wheatgrass can still be planted indoors using an open window with direct sunlight or even artificial light. The benefits of home juicing is that you know what goes into the production of the wheatgrass compared to the powdered form.

The future of wheatgrass juicing…

The future of wheatgrass processing may lie in the plant itself; Plans for more resilient and faster growing plants are being made. This may mean that a yield of juicer-ready plants can be grown in half the time that we grow wheatgrass now. More wheat grass consumption, more health benefits. Wheatgrass juicing will be as easy as ever.

Another thing we can all look forward to in the future is better quality prepared wheatgrass juice. Powdered wheatgrass has always been the other option if you cannot get or make fresh wheatgrass juice. But in the future, when better packaging solutions that seal in the natural enzymes and vitamins of wheatgrass juice are found, we may expect close to fresh packaged wheatgrass juice readily available in supermarkets and stores.
Wheatgrass juicer technology will also improve in the future; We can expect juicers that can get more out of every plant and will not degrade or affect the product in any way. As most of the electric wheatgrass juicers are available now in greater size,  technology itself may trickle down more and more towards small, home wheatgrass juicers, sometime soon.

Whatever your lifestyle preferences may be, adding wheatgrass to your diet will boost your health and energy levels greatly. Wheatgrass juicing will be a common occurrence in the homes of the future, but it’s never too early to start getting yourself acquainted with the benefits of wheatgrass juicing.


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