Wheatgrass Juice VS Wheatgrass Powder

Wheatgrass Juice – Nature’s power in a cup

Wheatgrass Juice is a green colored liquid, obtained from young wheat plants. Its taste is not so pleasing , because of the bitterness of the high amounts of chlorophyll that it contains. However, it’s benefits are much much greater than the bitter taste. Actually, there are over a hundred different kinds of nutrients in wheatgrass, what makes it the richest nutrition’s. It’s an excellent source of a large spectrum of minerals, vitamins, nucleic acids and proteins. Young wheatgrass is freshly squeezed then consumed right away is a superb supply of young vital energy. Wheatgrass juice is absorbed immediately into bloodstream, then it penetrates to each cell of your body, detoxifying, oxygenating and feeding as the story goes, giving your body the force it needs to maintain exciting health.

The countless enzymes that a cup of wheatgrass juice contains, helps to break up the rich and toxic substances in food, using its antioxidant enzyme, Superoxide Dismutase and in particular fraction P4D1, which are both to have slow mutation, cellular breakdown and therefore are beneficial in treating degenerative illness, and also helps to reduce the aging process. This Benefits of wheatgrass juice are also helpful when it comes to maintai a healthy diet; Wheatgrass is definitely an energizer, as a cup of of fresh juice contains the amount of 3 pounds of natural vegetables in minerals and vitamins, or even the same as two glasses of coffee. And all that you need to consume to get this to your body is to drink 2 ounces of fresh wheatgrass juice. I can assure you that you will feel recharged and energized during the whole day.

Wheatgrass Powder as an instant solution

wheatgrass powder Powdered wheatgrass is actually dried wheatgrass. Well, this is a generalization; The wheatgrass used in powder reasons is grown within the harvested and fields until the stage once the jointing will occurs, which supplies the best content of nutri

ents, and then dried out at a low temperature, which preserves just about all its nutrients.  At the end of the process you’ll get a fine powder that can be stored for long periods of time and is available for people to drink with the addition of water to it. In contrast, wheatgrass juice is produced from 7 to 10 days wheatgrass, growing in special trays  placed on balconies or greenhouses.

The natural powdered wheatgrass is made out of a crops which had not been given different herbicides, pesticides as well as the fertilizer that will be used is very natural. This helps to ensure that there is no health problems whatsoever included in the use of this wheatgrass powder, and it ensures that you’ll find plenty of minerals, vitamins, enzymes and a lot of nutrients which preserved and present within it.

Wheatgrass Juice vs. Wheatgrass Powder

You may describe wheatgrass powder as wheatgrass juice excluding its water content. Since a fresh cup of wheatgrass juicer made wheatgrass juice contains more than 90% of water, the best way to take advantage of wheatgrass powder’s nutritious benefits is including it in your daily diet; Create a blended mix of your favorite fruits, add water and  a spoon of powdered wheatgrass, and you are obviously set for the day. You’ll feel more energetic and vivid during the day and you’ll be able to tackle the challenges that lay ahead more easily!



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