Wheatgrass As An Effective Solution to Problem Hormones

wheatgrass juice benefits for hormones Many women know how much their hormone levels can fluctuate and change every month, particularly when ovulation looms or menstruation itself approaches. Associated with these times are a multitude of unpleasant symptoms and feelings that mean not only physical health is impaired but mental health suffers too. Wheatgrass, amongst it’s many other wonderful attributes can be an energising and helpful force in combating many of these distressing ailments.

Hormone imbalances

Hormone imbalances can be categorized by any of the following signs and symptoms that are experienced for more than a week or so every month:

• Tiredness and extreme fatigue

• Depression


• Feelings of anger and irritability

• Headaches and migraine

• Skin conditions such as acne, breakouts or periods of oiliness

• Irregular and painful menstrual cycle

• Pain experienced during ovulation

The main reasons women might experience such symptoms can, in part, be put down to dietary deficiencies as well as prolonged periods of stress, lack of regular exercise and being over or underweight.

The female body needs a perfect balance of both oestrogen and progesterone to be able to function properly. Many women do not have this at all and so experience these symptoms or mental states. The most important way of rectifying imbalances such as these is to look at diet and supplements. Alongside eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, it could well be worth considering incorporating Wheatgrass into an eating plan.

Wheatgrass and hormones

Wheatgrass contains many nutrients which not only help detoxify an overburdened liver and help to cleanse the blood, but also help to regulate menstrual bleeding and keep in check the associated symptoms that go with it beforehand and aid in combatting the fatigue that is experienced afterwards.

This article, which you can read in full here explains how wheatgrass can be beneficial in helping to stabilise not only the amount of blood lost during a cycle, but help to remove and prevent clotting and heavier cycles.

Three of it’s main constituent nutrients, chlorophyll, vitamin B12 and folic acid, contained in abundance within a shot of wheatgrass are perfect remedies for aiding in the regulation of these particular hormonal difficulties.

There are many anecdotal tales that can be found online, of women who have discovered that taking on board wheatgrass in one form or another every day has considerably shortened and improved the length of time they menstruate for and also controlled any cramping, or indeed stopped it altogether. This negates the need for the ingesting of regular doses of painkillers that can also have a negative impact on the liver and kidneys. Additionally, the Vitamin E it contains can also help to suppress PMS Symptoms, reduce bloating and regulate feelings of anger or irritability.

As with many complementary therapies, there is the suggestion that temporarily, symptoms may worsen for a short time until the body adjusts and becomes used to taking on board more of the good stuff and eliminating the bad.

This of course, does stand to reason. A person that has been used to living fast, drinking highly sugared or caffeinated drinks alongside the consuming of high amounts of fatty, salty and processed food will experience a sudden worsening in health and symptoms described whilst the body tries to purge itself of any toxins it has been bombarded with. The key is to have patience and stick with a supplement or food such as wheatgrass until the good effects really start to kick in.

It’s never too late to start

Whilst many men and women discover the benefits of adding wheatgrass into their diets in adulthood there is much to be said for looking into it as a means of complementary healthcare for children and their parents as a family unit from a young age. Wheatgrass Juice Therapy, whilst an excellent aid for female hormone problems can, of course help in the fight against many other mild to moderate health conditions experienced by everyone at some time or another in their lives.

The benefits of Wheatgrass taken as a dietary supplement whether as part of a smoothie, in powder form or on it’s own as a wheatgrass shot show that the high levels of magnesium, iron and selenium contained within it not only have a positive effect on menstruation itself and any hormonal imbalances and issues, but also on symptoms such as cramping, pain or bloating associated with it. Why not think about incorporating this nutrient rich food into the diet on its own, or as a complement to any conventional therapies that are already being taken?


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