Wheatgrass Juice – A Newcomer To The Juice Scene | A Naturopath Recommendation

wheatgrass shots The great Australian naturopath Mim Beim, shares  her nathuropathic experience, telling us the benefits of juicing several types of fruites, vegetables and herbs in purpose to obtain a perfect body maintaince, which is one of the main factors for raising our standards of living.

“Wheat grass: A newcomer to the juice scene, it is a rich source of chlorophyll – the green that helps plants turn sunlight and oxygen into energy. Chlorophyll protects cells against damage from radiation and is an excellent antioxidant. You can add apple juice to reduce the intensity.”

In her excellent punctual post, Mim explains the benefits of juicing crops such as Carrot, Beet Root, Orange, Parsley and more. I just wish she’d gave us some ideas for mixing them into tasty shakes, preferably, wheatgrass blends 🙂
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